Inside Ensoma

Inside Ensoma

Ensoma /en’sōmə/ is derived from the Greek phrase “en soma,” meaning in the body.

We have a bigger, bolder vision for genomic medicine: treatments as versatile, precise, and far-reaching as the body’s own cells. Our work in cancer and autoimmunity as well as inherited disease is focused on realizing that vision for the millions of people in need.

We have the two key ingredients needed to deliver this vision. First, a phenomenal team inspired to push beyond today’s possible. Second, the breakthrough technology. Engenious™ is the first in vivo editing platform to precisely engineer the immune system with a one-time, off-the-shelf treatment.

Team Ensoma

We’re a mighty team. Some of us have long worked at the forefront of cell and gene editing, and others are just beginning our journey. But we are all pushing beyond today’s possible – together. We collaborate in the spirit of fearless scientific discovery to deliver elegant solutions to some of the greatest challenges in medicine. Our goal: a better future for patients and communities.


For our team, realizing this vision is personal. Founded and guided by leaders drawn from the top of the cell and gene editing field, we feel an urgency and passion for our work driven by its potential global impact.

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisors


5AM Ventures
Alexandria Venture Investments
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bioluminescence Ventures
Catalio Capital Management
Cormorant Asset Management
Delos Capital
Fred Hutch Cancer Center
Mirae Asset
RIT Capital Partners plc
RTW Investments, LP
Solasta Ventures
Takeda Ventures, Inc.

At Ensoma, our work is fueled by connection and fearless discovery. We are committed to a better future for patients, each other, and the community. Join us in our mission.